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Many students consider mathematics to be a difficult and scary subject. Difficulties can be overcome when you replace your fear with curiosity. If you give proper attention to this subject you will surely begin to like it. Math becomes very easy once you stop hating it.

But why should you take the pains to study it? What is the importance of math in real life? In fact, its scope is far beyond daily calculations and planning your monthly expenditure. It is said that all biology is ultimately chemistry; all chemistry is ultimately physics and all physics is ultimately mathematics. Today economics is one of the most popular subjects. Every curriculum pertaining to economics also has math as its integral part. At an advanced level its applications are incredible. For instance, the Nash Equilibrium (in Economics/Statistics) can be used to predict stock market trends and even in resolving war between countries. Learning math improves your mental skills. If you are good at math you will be able to solve day to day problems easily. This is because your thinking becomes logical when you properly study it.

Very few students have an aptitude for this subject. Nevertheless, everyone has the basic capabilities that are needed to study the subject at the school level.

Yet all the theorems, axioms and formulae sound like double-dutch to most of us. This problem could be because of two things. First of all, your knowledge of the subject’s basics is not sound. Secondly, it could be because of your faulty approach to the subject.

Dealing with the first problem is more difficult. You will not be able to understand anything about Conditional Probability if your concepts of Permutations and Combinations are not clear. You will have to do extra work to make up for it. Speak to your teacher about any such problem and seek their guidance. You can always take the help of your friends. If possible, try to consult books from the previous term. You should deal with this problem as soon as possible. The longer it persists the harder it gets.

As far as your approach is concerned, you should never attempt to learn math. The only way to learn mathematics is by understanding it. Try to make it a pleasant experience. Reward yourself with, say, a candy every time you make even a small success. Practice it as often as you can. Our brain learns new things by observing and repeating. There is no alternative to persistent practice.

It will become a lot easier if you try to understand it in practical terms, as opposed to theory. For instance, let us speak in terms in LPP (Linear Programming Problems.) There you have to express practical situations, such as rate of production of a certain machine, as a mathematical expression. A proper understanding of both practical and algebraic form of the problem is required in such cases.

Math is easy if you let it be so. You should try to like it and you will. Otherwise you will be stuck with it regardless.

Remember that if you do well in mathematics, you will have many exiting and promising career opportunities. People with goods mathematical skills are always wanted in computer related fields. Even animation can’t be done without programing that involves a high level mathematics.

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