Importance of an Admission Exam for School Entrance

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Education is a very necessary part of our lives. Getting an education from a good, reputed place is a dream for many. Students need to have good exposure to the real world and should be given opportunities to sharpen their talents outside of their academic life. These kinds of options are only given in some of the top schools in Bangalore. They have the resources to prepare the students for whatever they might face in the future. Getting admission to such schools can be hard as they might be demanding.

Parents often get worried about school admission applications. There is often an elaborate process to get admitted to the top schools in Bangalore. After this procedure, many schools require the students to give an assessment exam depending on which they are selected. Students who will enroll in preliminary classes like the nursery, kindergarten, etc. are generally not asked to give this assessment exam. People often wonder why this process is necessary. Why the admission process is so elaborate and the students are tested even before they are getting into the school.

School Admission Process

The admission process of the school involves a few steps. Parents need to get an appointment for an inquiry. They need to buy the school admission applications which might also come with a kit. Parents are also often asked to tour the school campus and meet with the principal and also submit the filled application. After these are over, the student is asked to give an exam on the school campus with other prospective students.

Importance of Admission Exam

  •   Students are judged on how much they score on these exams. A certain level of knowledge is expected by the school in one of their students. They are never asked questions that are beyond their capacity. Most questions are from the syllabus of the previous standard. It’s important for students to pass and also do well because if the student has gaps in their knowledge, they will not be able to catch up to the school’s curriculum. Falling behind will do more harm than good for the student. If deemed eligible, the institution often asks if the student would be interested in repeating the previous class. This is done so that the student is caught up to speed. If not done so, they might face problems in their higher education.
  •   Another important reason a school wants capable students is to keep up its reputation. A school’s quality is mostly judged by the average score on boards. A good school’s average score is always high and they would not want it to fall behind.
  •   A number of very important criteria are tested in these exams and they are not just limited to how much knowledge your child might possess. However, it is not very difficult to prepare for these tests. All one has to do is revise the syllabus of the previous class and have some basic general knowledge. The tests mostly include common subjects like math, English, science, social studies, and environmental education.

You do not have to stress about your child’s school admission applications. It is not very hard and once you understand the process, it’s a walk in the park. 

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